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Development Day 60: Plan B

Yesterday's post made me think....

Now that Game Maker Studio will be comming this year, I will be able to publish my game into the iPhone, iPad, Android, PSP, Xperia Play, and much more....

The first plan was to make the Ooni with 3 worlds, 100 Achievements, and you may know the rest (if not, read this). It was going to be released for the PC/Mac platform: Steam.
But if I want to release the game on Steam, the game should be more or less, PERFECT! And I just don't have the time or patience to do that.

Ooni was supposed to be a game that updates, and gathers new stuff, like: Worlds, Stages, Achievements, Enemies, Power-Ups and more. That makes the player happy. And that is (seriously) the only reason why I'm a game developer.

If I release the game on Steam soon, it will be filled of bugs, and critics hate bugs. They would rate my game really low and that would be more or less the end of my game developing career.

But mobile games (somehow) are not criticized on as many aspects as a (let's say) "big screen" games.

Because 9 out of 10 moile games are simple. Just play, die, and repeat.
That makes the development cheap, and so, the game's price for the player is cheap.
There is no reason to review the game in such complex way.
Becaus you shouldn't analyze something simple in a complex way.
Makes sense?

Here's my point:
Mobile games are short. And my game's development is (for now) still short.
What if I release the game with just one world to the iPhone, iPad and Android as soon as the Game Maker Studio? Of course, I will add a world each month or something.

So, yes, Ooni for iOS and Android will come out before Steam and Mac.

What do you think?
Please, let me know in the comment section.
I really need to know people's oppinion.
So, if you have Twitter, would you please Retweet this link and support this game development?

Thanks for reading such long post :)
Remember that I will keep posting daily posts if I can...
And also, thanks for supporting such important project of mine :)

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