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Development Day 95: I'm Sure You Will Get It On Your Hands

I'm sorry, really sorry.
As I just said on one of my previous posts, I am a student. And as a student it's my obligation to study and get ready for exams.
I had five exams this week. So I was not able to work on the development of the game or post something for the Dev Blog.
I also stayed past night at Eduardo's (my matey) house. I didn't take my laptop, so that means no development for today :/
I'm staying one more night, so I took the decision to write a Blog post from my iPod and send it to the Dev Blog and IndieDB. Because it's been like four days since my last post, and I feel bad and irresponsible because of that :(

I won't waste more of your time making you read more of my regrets, so I want to discuss about the game's platforms.

The main release for the game is and definitely going to be iOS devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch). I'm not in to this, but I know that there's a war between iOS and Android users. So, the next aimed platform of Ooni will be the Android.

But why iOS is going first?
I don't have anything against Android, I just don't have one. I own an iPod Touch and an iPad, so those are a good start to see that the first version of the game works properly at both small and big screens of portable devices.
I'm looking forward to buy an Android phone for myself to personally make sure that the game runs properly on it. I'll try to buy the Xperia Play; it runs both Xperia Play and Android apps. So that means I'll be able to make Ooni XperiaPlayABLE thanks to YoYoGames's Game Maker Studio's amazing magic!

It will be cool that people from both smartphone religions could have Ooni on their hands. But let's be realistic, not everyone owns a smart phone, and I really want people to know Ooni.
The good thing is that YoYo Games is also offering an HTML5 exportation system, which lets you play games inside a web browser without the need of a flash plugin.
This means that Ooni will be able to be played on your web browser. NO MATTER IF YOU OWN WINDOWS, MAC OR EVEN LINUX!! :D

But putting the game simply on a website with a safe engine for payments will be hard to develop. Not impossible, but hard.
Making it not safe puts your credit cards in the risk of getting hacked, or me in the risk of getting loads of demands :S
The website may come, but definitely not soon.

But where can I find a web store platform? Maybe I could take a look to social networks!
Yes, Facebook is filled with lots of games where you pay to expand your inventory or coins or whatever; for example the famous Farm Ville or They Need To Be Fed, a game made on Game Maker. This leaves me complete sure that I'll be able to make Ooni affordable on Facebook! Good news!
Oh, I'm also looking forward to publish it for Google+ users :)
The price? Oh, it will be between $2 and $3, and you'll be able to play with it forever at any computer as soon you get logged into your Facebook or Google+ account :)

Now, there are people that would like to have the full experience of the game on the big screen that the computer offers today. Yes, full screen.
I'm aiming Steam, Mac App Store and Desura for that; they are awesome platforms for gamers that will publish any indie game like Ooni as soon as it is fun :)
The price will be between $3 and $5, and like the other ones, you'll be able to play it forever as soon as you get logged into your Steam, Apple or Desura account :D
Of course, they won't accept the game unless the game gets no bugs. So, as my job indicates, I'll delete those bugs and make your purchase worth. Leave it to me ;)

So, let's see, Ooni will be able for...

· iPhone
· iPad
· iPod Touch
· Android
· Xperia Play
· Steam
· Desura
· Facebook
· Google+
· And probably more...

So there's no excuse. If you are reading this, it means that you CAN buy Ooni :)

So thanks for reading such long post. I'm really interested in your opinions and recommendations, really. So, please leave a comment below :)

Oh, I see no pictures in here, so here's a picture of my dog! :D

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