domingo, 9 de octubre de 2011

Development Day 89: Goin' Bananas!

On the last post I talked about adding a new fruit to the game. That would be the Banana...

I didn't work on it since I took the day off and went to shopping with my parents, so I will just talk about what it does.
The Banana will give the player the ability to become invisible. While invisible, the player can walk across enemies (Flais) without getting damaged. Spikes are still being considered to be evaded by invisibility.
The invisibility will last 10 seconds, so try to spend them well ;)

Oh, this is a shout to Henl3y, an IndieDB executive director. His job is to read IndieDB blog posts and fix any grammar errors.
He got mad at me because my last post was filled with errors. I want to tell him that I'm sorry :(
I ALWAYS add a ton of effort to my grammar, but since I'm Mexican it is hard to keep it up.
So, Henl3y, I'm sorry :(

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