lunes, 10 de octubre de 2011

Development Day 90: Yes, I went Bananas

I didn't do a lot today since its Monday. Anyhow, I added significative stuff to the game!

The Banana

Did I say what does this little boneless curved fruit does? I don't remember, so I'm going to say it anyways...

The Banana gives the player the ability of Invincibility (it rhymes!). This makes the player unable to be hurt by an enemy or Flai.

Like any other Fruit, the Banana glows and turns Ooni into the Fruit's main color.

As you can see on the screenshots above the player can walk across any kind of enemy without getting killed.

Oh! It also works on spikes!
But remember that the ability will only last 10 seconds, use them wisely!

Tamarind Bullets

The usernamed noTformaT on the IndieDB community said to me:
- "Background has more detail than the game objects.
I love lizards! :)" 
I immediately tought on the Tamarind's bullets, which looked like this:
Yup! This is a pixelated circle that I was using to test the Tamarind while I was still developing it. Well, this goes dedicated to noTformaT, so here's the new look of the bullets:

Isn't it neat? :)
Yes, this is more or less the way the look now. I love pixels and 8-Bit related graphics, but they simply won't fit on Ooni :(

 (Click to enlarge)

They now look better and smoother.
Oh! And they're also smaller now. Their size was 30x30, and now they're 26x26...

I also made new variables for the achievements, but I can't explain that to you :)

I hope you've enjoyed my post. Remember that I'll post something new almost daily!
Oh, by the way, the first Tech Demo of the game is on it's way! So I can finally try to make a funding campaign and gather the money I need to make this game dream real :)

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