domingo, 23 de octubre de 2011

Development Day 101: This is My Last Chance to Talk

Hello. I don't know where to start...
I've been busy all these days because I'll be going on a long trip to Europe, I'll be going from Oct 25 to Nov 16. Which is like three weeks.
The bad thing is that I won't be taking my laptop to the trip.
Why? Because we're not staying on a hotel more than two nights, we'll be traveling across France, Spain and Portugal; and being carriyng a laptop in my backpack would be very exhausting since we'll be walking for countless hours in order to meet the places and stuff.
So that means, no Development Day updates... For a month -_-
But I'll try to write a post each week about my tour and some ideas for the game as well.
I hope you understand. It is an important trip for me and my family (yes, we're going together) and carrying a heavy laptop all day may screw some of our plans.
I'll be taking the Traveling Buni Project, which is to take a printed Buni from the comic series around the world.
And again, I'm really sorry, I hope you understand :/

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    1. If you will, tell them about my new blog:
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