miércoles, 3 de agosto de 2011

Development Day 22: Making a Game is Not Free!

Yes, I added a Donate Button on the right side of the Blog!

But why?
I'm going to explain.

Making a game is not a free thing!
For example, the program I'm using to make the game is YoYoGame's Game Maker. I bought it specifically to begin the development of Ooni. It costs $40.
Also, I'm going to pay $50 to the lucky guy who becomes my Game Tester, and $50 to the one who becomes the Level Designer. I'm going to pay $50 to my additional programmer, Eamon Pryme, after he finishes all his work. I'm going to pay to the Animator and the Voice actor I need, I don't know how much they will ask, but I expect like $40.
I need to Copyright the name of ZuperZ, Copyright the character Ooni, Copyright the Ooni Game, and Copyright the Theme Song... Each of those legal Copyright registers cost between $60 and $70 -.-

I would also like to buy the newest version of Adobe Flash when I can, it is the program I use to make all the art of the game, it will cost at least $250.
And, maybe, if the game becomes great on Steam, I definitely see a way of publishing on other gaming platforms like the Wii U, Xbox 360, PS3, 3DS, NGP, etc... But to do that I'll need a developer license, it costs way more than $400 per console license!

All together, it will cost me more than $700!!
I will put anyone who donates more than $5 into the game's credits.
So please, help me make this dream true by donating a buck or two...


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