lunes, 1 de agosto de 2011

Development Day 20: No More Jam in the Tar

The Game Jam is over!
Using the provided theme: "Live", Eamon and me made the Game: Soulsnatcher

Here's some info:

In Soulsnatcher, you play as Maxwell who has been taken away from his beloved Lady Girl.
He has promised that their souls will meet again.
Now, even if Maxwell dies, his soul stays and can enter other creatures bodies and control them to reach his true love.
How would this love story end?

W, A, S, D keys to move (no matter what you are)
R button to restart a level

Body Abilities:
Human (Maxwell) - Can walk, jump and climb ladders
Monster - Can walk and jump he is basically just a grunt
Rat - Can walk, jump and go into small places hes for when things just seem impossible

Special thanks to:
Nikc-Nack - He helped in our time of need
Garret Beelow - Thanks for that song!
BananaWalrus - Whose music makes me wanna dance
YoYoGames & it's Community - for all you've done so far
Every person who takes the time to download and vote


or click here to view the full entry with comments...

I sincerely don't like very much the final version, all I can say is that it is Decent.
The people who have played the game say that the character gets stuck on the walls and that. They also say that the levels are impossible.
Let me say something, all the stages are clearable, I cleared all levels consecutively twice, you just need to find a way of doing it.
But I like what people say about the art, the concept and story; specially because I did all that :)

If we don't reach to the first place... "So what?"
If no one liked it... "So what?"
If everyone liked it... "So... Thanks!"

I learned a lot on this 72 hour Game Jam. You need to understand that we were under pressure, lots of pressure because of time; we actually uploaded the final version 10 minutes before the Jam ended!

And I even made a new friend! Eamon. Thanks for being such a nice co-op mate, and thanks for forgiving me after I over sleeped 5 hours...

You, my friend, are now welcomed as an official additional programmer for this whole Ooni project!
(Spoiler: He actually is!)

Oh! By the way, Eamon made a Donative campaign for him, to improve his work!

Hmmm.... This gives me an idea....

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