domingo, 7 de agosto de 2011

Development Day 26: The World Map

Did I mention Eamon previously? I think I did, but I'll tell you about him once again.
Eamon G. Pryme is the new Additional Developer I hired to help me make the programming codes that I don't know how to do and the ones that I don't want to do.

So, as his first task, I asked him to do the engine for the World Map.
I knew that this was going to be a really hard work for him... So I made him a drawing!

World's Name: This is the Name of the World.

Stage Tile: While the player is choosing a stage, Ooni moves around the Stage Tiles. When Ooni is on a Stage Tile, the info of the Stage appears on the Lower Box. Also, if a stage is cleared, the tile turns green.

Ooni: As I said on the previous label, Ooni walks around the tiles. Ooni can move around the tiles wether vertically or horizontally.

Puzzle Pieces: This is something I haven't discussed on the Dev Blog. There are going to be 9 hidden Puzzle Pieces around the 30 stages of a World. When a player gets a Puzzle Piece, it is shown on that little square. When a player collects all the 9 Puzzle Pieces of a World, a super hard stage is unlocked. Note, this isn't a Tile!

World's Score: After you clear a stage, you get a score, right? Well, the High-Scores of EACH stage are going to be added together to give you the World's Score (global.WorldScore_TheForest)

Total Game Score: All the high scores of all stages are added together to show the Total Score of a Player (global.TotalScore)

World's Completion: This marks the player it's progress on the world. If he clears a stage, he gets percentage! I've made a calculation. Each thing the player does, gives him "1.3" out of 100%
For example:
Clears a Stage: +1.3%
Clears a Stage catching the Blue Orb: +1.3%
Clears a Stage without Dying: +1.3%
Clears a Stage beating the Time Goal: +1.3%
Defeats a Boss: +1.3%
Finds a Puzzle Piece: +1.3%

Cleared Belt: As I said, when Ooni is on a Stage Tile, it show's the Stage's info. Here, it shows if the stage is cleared.

Puzzle Piece Mark: If a Puzzle Piece is found on a stage, this marks appears on it's Stage info. Note, this doesn't apply for all stages.

Stage's Name: It shows the name of the Stage. No big deal.

Stage's Score: It shows the High-Score of the Stage.

Rank: It shows how well a player did at clearing a Stage. The maximum stars that a player can get on a stage is 3.
There is a criteria for stars.
You get a star if you cleared the Stage without dying.
You get a star if you cleared the stage beating the time goal.
You get a star if you cleared the stage catching the blue orb.

Time Goal Mark: It shows if the player cleared the stage beating the time goal.

Blue Orb Mark: It shows if the player cleared the stage beating the time goal.

No Deaths Mark: It shoes if the player cleared the stage without dying.

Time Goal: It shows the Time Goal of a stage. If a stage's Time Goal is beaten, the player gets a star and a Time Goal Mark.

Boss Tile: Basically a stage, but it doesn't apply RANK.

This is basically what I told my matey to do...

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