domingo, 31 de julio de 2011

Development Day 19: Facts of the Pre-Pre-Development

I'm just going to put a quick post so I can keep going with my entry for the Game Jam...

Well, just a little bit of you may know that there was a Development version of the game that went catastrophicly wrong before the current version of Ooni's Development. A bit confusing, but yes.

Well, I'm going to tell you some funny facts about Ooni's first Pre-Development!

  • The Ooni game was first planned just one day after YoYoGame's grand iOS publishing post (I cried when they made that post, seriously).
  • The first design of the Ooni character came up while I was drawing at MsPaint on the free time of my computer class. There was no previous sketch...
After I came back from school, I immediately made it's design of Adobe Flash...
Perfect... *Sniff* *Sniff*
  • At first, Ooni was suppossed to be an Iguana; but then I tought that if that's so, it would need some kind of spikes on it's back. That would definitely make look Ooni pretty bad, so I denied, and now Ooni is officially a Lizard.
  • Ooni's basic orientation is Mexico. For example, all the fruit that appear in the game so far, are popular fruit cultivations in Mexico.
  • I considered adding bees and other kinds of bugs as enemies.
  • In real life any fruit is bigger than a lizard, and a lizard is bigger than a fly. On Ooni's world, most of flies are bigger than a lizard, and a lizard is bigger than a fruit.
  • I also considered to put many characters with different abilities, like in Super Meat Boy, but if I would do that, each character would need to eat fruit or else the stages would be impossible; and that would make the game's Development like four or five times slower.
  • The first version of Ooni that was "supposed" to be for iPhone/iPod Touch, was going to have only 1 World, 20 Stages, 1 Final Boss, 45 Achievements, 10 Fruit, and 3 Enemies. But then, I said: "FUCK!", and now the FINAL VERSION of the game is going to be like 48 TIMES BIGGER! (and I'm just counting levels...)

Well, that's all for now, I hope you enjoyed some of my Pre-Pre-Development's Fruity Fun Facts!
Ugh, actually, this took me a lot of time, I better keep going for the Game Jam...

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