miércoles, 13 de julio de 2011

Development Day 1: Beginning from Zero, Again

Well hello again...
This is my first Development Day review, so, I think I should begin with the details of the current state of the game...

Ooni is a game I began like half a year ago for the iPhone. YoYoGames was supposed to be my Publisher for the game. But YoYoGames didn't seem to do a thing to beginner developers, like me; so I just said: "Fuck!" and I forgot about them until they say something interesting.
Then, I got troubles with a gravity issue that made the character (Ooni) to get stuck in the walls. A problem I didn't know how to fix; so I just said: "Fuck!!" again and I gave up (Rage Quit!!1!), well, not literally, I just left the game to fix later...

Some months later, a friend of mine (this is a shout for Dennot, follow him! He's a Graphic Designer, and a Doctor!) told me about this Online Store, it was called: "Steam". It was like a heaven of games with discounts!
So, I got more inside this Steam thing, there was a form for publishing a game title, so I read it and I almost cried at the part where it says: "Your game doesn't have to come from a big name studio, as long as it's fun we'd love to see it." Well, I was in the bathroom when I read that so I supposed that I cried and shitted at the same time, but that's not the point...
The point is that Steam could be the Store I was looking for, a place where they don't care if I'm Indie, they will publish my game.

OK, now let's focus on the game, I just begun Ooni from ZERO.
Why? Because I can make a HD Version of the Game playable for PC & Mac, but also I am making the game in a way that it can also be playable in iPhone, iPad and PSP!
How's that?!

As I said, I just begun the game, this is a footage of the new version:
I put'd some sprites that I used in the previous version, like: Ooni, some Blocks and a Flai (I'll tell you more about those later).

Well, that's all for today.
Stay tuned for more news!

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