miércoles, 20 de julio de 2011

Development Day 8: Drawing Evilness!

I'm happy to write on the Blog for such an important Update of Ooni's development!
Today I will introduce some of the dozens of enemies that will appear through the game.

First, I will talk about the Lil' Flai:

This little fella is more lethal than you could expect. Look at it's face! (Do it) That face hides horrible thoughts and terrifying actions! It gives me gosebumps! It is the Baby of EVIL!!!11!!1!

Well, back to reality; the Lil' Flai's (Evil) ability is to (Sadically) move from left to right, and it bounces when it collides with a wall.

That would be the Lil' Flai's size compared to Ooni.
There's not too much to talk about this (Bloody) little fella. So I will move up to the next enemy!

Our next Flai would be the Bungee Flai:

Now, what's with this chubby cute Flai that is tangled in some kind of web?
The thing with this chubby cute Flai that is tangled in some kind of web will be "pasted" on a roof and it will go down and up rapidly. It's hard to explain, I'll show you later in a video...
I don't have a preview of this enemy since it has not been added to the game yet...

So, next I'll be talking about the Falling Flai:

This is quite different than the other Flais that just move from left to right, up to down, or in circles. The Falling Flai will be on a roof waiting for you (Ooni). And when it peeks you, it will fiercely toss itself toward you!

Take a look!

It will toss against you... As you saw.

Now, let's talk about the Merry-Go Flai:

Why "Merry-Go"? Because of the Merry-Go-Rounds! And if you've never got into one, your parents didn't love you as well....

This enemy's chore is to move slowly in circles... That's right! Circles! Not triangles, not squares. Circles!
But I tought this Enemy was way too easy to avoid, so I made some kind of partner/upgrade/bro to this Flai......

It would be the Scary-Go Flai:

Since this one is more difficult to avoid, I wanted to put it a more terrifying name! But it should rhyme! Like "Scary" instead of "Merry"!! I'm a genious, and I'm proud of myself.... MEH! Maybe I change it's name in the future...

So, what's the difference between the Scary-Go Flai and the Merry-Go Flai?
The Merry-Go Flai moves in big circles at a low speed.
The Scary-Go Flai moves in small circles but goes really fast!

Well, I don't know what else to say... I guess I'm finished for today!
I hope you enjoyed such a big post for a Development Day!
See ya tomorrow!

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