jueves, 21 de julio de 2011

Development Day 9: Planning Some Achievements

Achievements are an important part of games. They are like additional goals for a game, and the player must complete the tasks in order to unlock an achievement. With the technology that companies like GameCenter (Apple), OpenFeint and of course, Steam, bring us today, you can compare yourself with the unlocked achievements of a friend of yours! You can compete! That makes a game even More interesting!
But sometimes it is very disappointing when you buy awesome games like World of Goo thar only have 5 or 6 achievements. Most of the games that you can find have from 15-20 achievements, but sometimes they are too hard to unlock!

So, as I want to create a very complete platform, I want to put over 100 Achievements on the first version of the game!
Here you can see the first 56!


This has Just Begun! Clear The Forest in 100%
(Unnamed) Clear the Electric Avenue in 100%
 (Unnamed) Clear the Volcanic Vast in 100%
 (Unnamed) Clear 10 Stages with 3 Stars
 (Unnamed) Clear 50 Stages with 3 Stars
 (Unnamed) Clear 70 Stages with 3 Stars
Serial Killer Kill 20 consecutive Flais without dying or restarting a stage
The Beginning Finish Your First Level
Graduated Clear the Tutorial Mode
Goin' Bananas! Clear Banana's Challenge Mode
The Size is Not Important (Well, a Bit…) Clear Lychee's Challenge Mode
¡Enchilado! Clear Chili's Challenge Mode
 (Unnamed) Clear Avocado's Challenge Mode
Super Sniper Clear Tamarind's Challenge Mode
(Unnamed) Clear Lime's Challenge Mode
 (Unnamed) Clear Mango's Challenge Mode
Epic Fail Die 50 Times
Now Who's the Boss?! Defeat the Big Buzz from The Forest
(Unnamed) Defeat the "____" from the Electric Avenue
(Unnamed)  Defeat the "____" from the Volcanic Vast
Forest-Proof Badge Clear All of The Forest's Stages without Dying
Electric-Proof Badge Clear All of the Electric Avenue's Stages without Dying
Fire-Proof Badge Clear all of the Volcanic Vast's stages without dying
(Unnamed)  Eat Your First Banana
(Unnamed)  Eat Your First Lychee
(Unnamed)  Eat Your First Chili
(Unnamed)  Eat Your First Avocado
(Unnamed)  Eat Your First Tamarind
(Unnamed)  Eat Your First Lime
(Unnamed)  Eat Your First Mango
Homicide Kill 10 Flais
Why aren't You in Jail?! Kill 30 Flais
Show NO Mercy! Kill 100 Flais
Hungry Eat 50 Fruits
Starving Eat 300 Fruits
Famished Eat 500 Fruits
Die Hard Defeat a Boss without dying.
Harassing Follow Us on Twitter
Me Gusta Like Us on Facebook
Nobody Looks at These Sectet Achievement
Wait for it… Wait for it… Sectet Achievement
More?! It's Unpossible! Secret Achievement
(Unnamed)  Get 10 Blue Stars
(Unnamed)  Get 50 Blue Stars
(Unnamed)  Get 70 Blue Stars
(Unnamed)  Get 10 Red Stars
(Unnamed)  Get 50 Red Stars
(Unnamed)  Get 70 Red Stars
(Unnamed)  Get 10 Yellow Stars
(Unnamed)  Get 50 Yellow Stars
(Unnamed)  Get 70 Yellow Stars
I Like this Game! Play Over 5 Minutes
Yes, You Like this Game… Play Over 30 Minutes
Fan Play Over 3 Hours
TRUE Fan Play Over 10 Hours

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