lunes, 25 de julio de 2011

Development Day 13: Introducing the Introduction

Every good game needs a story. I decided to make the SIMPLEST story I've ever done.
And there's no better way to put a story into a game compared to Cutscenes!

Yes! Ooni will include Cutscenes! In fact, 10 on the first version of the game!
(I'll add more Cutscenes to monthly updates, I hope).

Here's a leak of the first Cutscene:

I might have to add that the Cutscenes are not going to be like "comic strips with movement" or "static images with text". No, they are going to be animated cartoons, like the ones you could find on Newgrounds...

So, what's the story gonna be like? I'll tell you.... WITH DOODLES!
Why!? Because it's funny and cool!

Well, so Ooni was on a forest, with a delicious Pie.
And so, two Flais came and started staring Ooni's Pie.

So, without thinking twice, the two Flais stole Ooni's delicious Pie and flew away!

Ooni wanted revenge! And it won't stop until it gets it's Pie back!

So, that's how basically the story is. I hope you will enjoy the Cutscenes when they're done. I'll make them as hilarous as I can!

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