sábado, 16 de julio de 2011

Development Day 4: Going to a Calmed Place with No Inter... Kill Me

Sorry about the way I talked in the last post. Some of you may not understand quite well...

Now, I moved just for a week to a relaxing house with lots-o-nature near a river... It is orgasmic (well, if you were a plant).

Wonka's Chocolate River!

And most amazing of all...


Yea.... Uh, it is so "greeny" that is like an infection; like the nyan fever, but instead of shitting rainbows you poop leaves!

I was so "greeny" that I drew up some fruity fruits for the game! That's right! Those are the Power Ups!

I bet you can't guess the powers they'll give to Ooni! Well, the Chili is pretty obvious, but the other ones should be very difficult to guess!

I'll tell you moar about those later. But now, I will just relax...

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