miércoles, 27 de julio de 2011

Development Day 15: High Score!

I would like to talk about how the Score system is going to be like.
At first, I didn't want to add scores to the game because makes the game a little more complicated for the player.
BUT now, I decided to add them anyways, because it makes the game more competitive!

Through the game, you'll earn points (pts.) per stage cleared. Depending on how well you've cleared a stage, you'll earn a quantity of points. And finally, putting all those scores together, you'll get your Total Game Score. Which is the score that will be displayed on the Global Leaderboards of the game!
I guess that this will make the game, as I said, more competitve, and also more self-challenging and fun!

But how can I get many points on a stage?
Well, at the end of each stage, you'll get points depending on:
  • How much time it took to clear
  • How many times you died
  • If you got the Blue Orb
  • How many Flais you killed
  • How many Fruit you've eaten (It doesn't count if you ate the same fruit twice)
And finally we'll give you a ranking of how well you did by using Stars!
You'll receive a Star on a stage if you:
  • Clear the stage before the recommended time goes out
  • Clear the stage without dying even once
  • Get the blue orb before you finish the stage
The max stars you can get on a single stage is Three.
But if you clear the stage way better than perfection (and I mean WAY better), you can reach the Platinum rank, which is literally 4 Stars or something, this will be really hard, I'll be sure to make it hard ;)

Also, you can get points through Achievements! But each Achievement have a different value.

This is all I can tell you about this for now...

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