viernes, 22 de julio de 2011

Development Day 10: A Declaration

With the last post I might have revealed some stuff before time...
But I will not modify the post! I will talk about it!

Yes, I showed some places like "The Forest", "The Electric Avenue", and "The Volcanic Vast".
Those, indeed, are going to be worlds. On the first version of Ooni I will introduce 3 worlds, and then, I will put a new world each month (If I can)! Each world holds 3 cutscenes, 30 stages and a boss. So expect More Than 100 Stages of Fun on the First Version!!

I might also said something about: "3 Stars", "Red Stars", "Blue Stars", "Yellow Stars"?
Well, when you clear a stage you will be able to clear it with a ranking from 0-3 Stars. But unlike other games, those three Stars are not obtained through scores/points or excellence.
There are Three ways of getting Stars:
To get a stage's Red Star you must clear the stage without dying or restarting.
To get a stage's Yellow Star you mest clear the stage before your time is up (if a stage's time is up, you wont die or have to restart the stage)
To get a stage's Blue Star you must find the little shiny blue orb that is hidden.
You will be able to get those stars in the order you want. You don't need to unlock all the 3 Stars at once for getting perfection!
Well, maybe I will change this in the future, I need to think about it...

There IS going to be a way to kill Flais, it will be through Fruit, in fact, three or more of the fruit that will appear on the game will have the ability to kill Flais, but I won't tell which ones.

There IS going to be a Tutorial to teach the players that are not familiarized with games or platformers how the game is played, and how to use the first five fruits. If you are a gamer, Tutorials should be boring, but look it like this, if you clear the Tutorial, you will unlock an achievement!

There IS going to be a Challenge Mode, it is a Super Nightmare Hard Mode! It has a stage dedicated for each fruit. I'll talk about it later.

I might also have revealed that the first Boss name is the "Big Buzz"... I think I wont post more about the other ones because it would be Spoiler...

I hope I clarifyied some questions, if you had them....

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